Shameless Promotional Plug – Please donate!

Hey, it’s been a while I know, I just wanted to write to promote a fabulous project I am involved in!

10857093_10205418985847240_3313896861254789553_oThis May, my university’s musical theatre society is putting on a production of Rent (My favourite musical of all time!). It proves to be an incredible show, everyone in the society is so talented and the society as a whole gives us all a chance to just relax and sing our hearts out every Thursday night. This production, however, is incredibly expensive and as the society is entirely student lead we are required to pay for the show ourselves. We have the talent and the rehearsals are well underway, we just need the funding in order to provide the set, costumes, equipment etc.

So, to combat this, as well as organising a number of fundraising activities over the coming weeks, one of the society’s leaders has set up a page where people can go and donate, linked here. I would really appreciate if you could go and donate a bit of money to what will be a very worthy cause, even if it is just a few pounds, every little helps! There are also a number of prizes for certain donations including a mention in the show’s program, a free ticket, dinner with the creative team or even a cameo appearance in the show! If you cannot donate, I would really appreciate it if you could reblog this post and pass it on so more and more people are aware of it.

Many thanks 🙂


Long time no update…

It’s been a long while since I’ve actually posted on here, though to be fair my life has been pretty manic lately which may have a bit to do with it. I am now eight weeks into my creative writing and English literature degree and I’ve already submitted waaaay too many pieces of coursework (but hey, no exams this year woo!) and have just received my results for my first piece, of which I am very pleased!
Uni life is suiting me perfectly, I’ve well and truly settled in and made an amazing group of friends and, with a lot of tuition I have learned to use the oven, budget for a weekly shop and figured out how to clean a bathroom! (though I didn’t realise how often it would need cleaning…). It’s scary that my friends and I are already looking for a place to live next year, I’m feeling way too grown up!
I love everything about my university, from being woken up daily by the ducks that congregate around the lake outside my window, to having two starbucks right on my doorstep (hello obesity).
Anyway the bottom line is that I am loving uni life and just hope the next three years don’t go by too quickly!

Oh hello new chapter of my life…

Just a quick update to say I got the grades I wanted and made it into my first choice uni! I’m so pleased that all my hard work paid off and hope to do well in my English literature and creative writing degree in September. As you can probably tell I am really excited to start my course! 😀

It’s been a while…

So, it’s been a while since I posted on here, you know with me finishing my A levels (eek!) and everything. Though I hope to keep up posting on here (albeit occasionally), the content may be less of the academic variety and more of the general ramblings and the suchlike!
So after spending most of the summer working or watching stuff on Netflix, with the occasional visit to the cinema and night out thrown in for good measure, I was surprised to realise that ‘the dreaded day’ has nearly arrived. Of course I’m on about results day…urgh, don’t even get me started on that. So, good luck and I hope everyone gets the grades/uni place they want!
Here’s hoping I get into my first choice University, an update will – hopefully – follow tomorrow! 😀

Goodbye and good luck!

Well, that’s the English exam over and done with, it seems to have gone okay, the questions weren’t too disastrous. I hope everyone did okay and here’s hoping results day brings everything we want!
This isn’t the end of my English lessons however, the hard work is just beginning as I will be studying at degree level come September hopefully 😄


Helpful Blog!

For all those studying for their AS exams this year or resitting (like me) I suggest you look at this blog, It was created by a teacher in Canterbury to provide information on the WB Yeats poetry for the OCR AS exams. It really is worth looking at if you need some extra information/something to revise from.